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Envies du moment

Comment ça, je deviens répétitive? Hé oui, on a les lubies qu'on peut, soit deux tendances qui s'affrontent:
Le baba cool à imprimé tie & dye, imprimés wax et chemises en jean customisées, parfait pour aller écouter de la musique dans des champs en plein été.

Today's selection
So you say I'm always sticking to the same theme? You might be right actually. Two atmospheres I enjoy very much: The festival inspired look, with wax prints and customized jean shirts, perfect to spend an afternoon in a meadow.


Topshop sleeveless shirt - Yoox discovers Africa beaded necklace - Urban Outfitters white tee
Small wax bag Yoox discovers Africa - Topshop red shirt - Minnetonka shoes (hugh!)
Yoox discovers Africa leather bag (yes, it's a cool collection!)


Sinon, on garde les champs et les promenades bucoliques et on prend son plus bel accent à la John Cleese et one cup of tea, with milk, on écoute Paul McCartney puis voila on est heureux.

"Oh little willow" ("oh petit saule"), oui les chansons botaniques font partie de mes points faibles, the larch, the larch, the larch (le mélèze, le mélèze, le mélèze) comme diraient les Monty Python, dont fait partie... John Cleese, la boucle est bouclée.


Option B: You keep the fields and the romantical walks, try to use your most beautiful John Cleese inspired accent, grab a cup of tea, listen to some Paul McCartney oldies and be happy.

"Oh little willow", as he may say. Yes, botanical songs are a favourite of mine. As would say the Monty Python: "The Larch, the larch, the larch". Including John Cleese, the circle's round.



Escarpins Manolo Blahnik for Liberty sandals - Clarks for Liberty wedges-  Ella Doran butterfly tray
  Mary McCartney's vegetarian cookbook (I let you guess who's her father)
Liberty London tray - 'Ella Doran cushions
Sessun liberty print jacket - Dr Martens satchel printed in .... yep you've found out!